One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Evergreeners went beyond the standard yard sale concept to participate in a free-for-all
“Swap Meet” the first Saturday in June. Families and individuals from all three
Evergreen streets contributed to the big give-away, held 11am- 1pm in Mohan Meadow
on Upper Schenley Road.

Participants chatted with neighbors as they sorted through household items, books,
clothing, yard furniture, party decorations, arts & crafts, athletic equipment, furniture and
more, in search of compelling items.

Despite being termed a “Swap Meet,” all the items were available free to any taker,
whether from the neighborhood or not. After the official end of the two-hour-long event,
the give-away was posted on Next Door, with an invitation for the larger community to
help themselves to the items. Last year’s Swap Meet had also been posted on Next
Door and was picked clean by evening.

Swap Meet organizer Susannah Mohan laughs as she explains, “We started doing it as,
like a trade, but now it’s just a place where everyone could bring their things that they
don’t want, and hopefully pick up some new junk.”