Class in 1939

Life long resident Sarah Spence in 1950 on the school steps.

Halloween 1950 Ms. Barker Kindergarten Class

The original structure of the Schenley Road Schoolhouse was built in 1896 with the front portion added on in 1905. The school provided K - 6 education for Evergreen children. Later it was a nursery school attended by many Roland Park children. It was also a Community Recreation Center where residents voted, enjoyed the annual May Marts, attended the summer day camps, and went to the teen dances on Saturday nights. Milton Shaw and Jean Sobus purchased the building in 1990. After negotiating with the Community Association, they were able to complete renovations in 1992.


From memories of Bernadette in 2001:

“We called the Schenley Road school just 'The Center' and that is where I realized I had a talent for art at the day camp. It was my refuge and kept me out of trouble and off the streets. How many times did I roller skate and ride my bike around and around the building? I cannot get used to the grass that is on the grounds now. Somehow it looks smaller. It was truly Happy Days! The preteen dances that 'The Center' organized were everything a twelve-year-old could want. We couldn't wait till we got to the Big Dance Room, with the glowing Wurlitzer, and the lights down low and the BIG mirror in which you could watch yourself cha-cha. The highly polished floor was so slick you could twist and shout all night. And oh, there were some real 'Fonzies' that we all fell in love with!”